Brokers & Professionals

Over the last 25 years, Mr. Anderson has provided escrow services for more than 250 closings per year, giving him the experience to easily assist you and your clients in all types of transactions. Anderson Law & Escrow, PLLC, actively works with over 40 brokerage firms all across the State of Washington. Mr. Anderson wants the closing transaction to close smoothly for all parties and will travel for a closing transaction to the most convenient location for all involved.

At Anderson Law & Escrow, PLLC, Mr. Anderson acts as the Escrow Agent for Commercial Transactions, including Business Opportunity and Commercial Property Transactions, in conjunction with:

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Brokers

Title Companies

As the Escrow Agent, Mr. Anderson provides the following services:

  • Preparation of Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Obtaining Tax Status Letters from Department of Revenue, Employment Security Department and Department of Labor & Industries
  • Preparation of Closing Documents:
    • Bill of Sale
    • Assignment of Accounts Receivable
    • Promissory Note
    • Security Agreement
    • UCC Financing Statements
    • UCC Termination
    • Non-Compete Agreement
    • Use Tax Return
    • Escrow Instructions
    • Consent to Sell
    • Consent to Purchase
    • Certificate of Seller
    • Notice of Sale
    • Deed of Trust
    • Statutory Warranty Deed
    • Limited Power of Attorney
    • Closing Statements
  • Escrow Trust Account – Anderson Law & Escrow, PLLC maintains an IOLTA Trust Account with U.S. Bank for:
    • The deposit of earnest money
    • The deposit of SBA and Commercial Loan Proceeds, as well as other sources of funding
    • The pay-off of underlying loans, Tax Liens, Tax Warrants, and other necessary pay-offs
  • Holdback and payment for County and City Accounts, including personal property, advanced tax, and utilities (if requested)
  • Perform UCC Searches (additional cost to fee)

In order to be considered more environmentally friendly, Mr. Anderson delivers all of the final closing documents to the various parties invloved in the closing transaction with a Documents Folder containing a CD, which is indexed and labeled for easy viewing and storage.

For our fee schedule or an estimated escrow fee, please call our office for a quote.

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